Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Story Game

So me and Abrizzle played the story game on Tuesday. Basically it's a game in which the first person says a word, and then the second person says another word starting with the last letter of the previous word and so on. Then when you have a list of words, you use them to write a story. the story has to contain all the words in the same order.

The list of words was:
death - humorous - salute - elephant - Turkish delight - tutor-report - Timon - nautical miles - sushi - imperius curse - eeep - palindrome - easter egg - giant - tomato soup - pepper spray - yoga - arachnid - dandelion - never after

My story:

The Inheritance

   This story starts with an ending. in this case, it was the death of the greatly venerated Uncle Dig, thus named for being the best digger of all the meerkat family and his company of gold mining. His ending was ironically humorous because he died while he was digging. The tunnel collapsed and his body was never found.
   Today, on the day of his funeral, hundreds of workers form the Gold Miners Society saluted at his memorial stone. Even the boss, Mr Howard, an elephant of noble ancestry, came to pay his respects. The flustered family tried to serve him turkish delights and lemonade but were embarrassed to find that he was allergic to both. Mr. Howard left the site, offended, but not before whispering into the ear of Uncle dig's grand nephew's tutor and handing him a brown file. Later on, the tutor reported that, had it not been for an immense sense of duty (and a large bribe) he would never have passed on the message to the grand nephew, an infant meercat named Timon.

   Many nautical miles away, in a posh restaurant, a gold digging tycoon viciously speared some sushi on to a fork and shoveled it into her mouth. A frown crossed her face and The Maid took that as a bad sign. Lady Maham clicked her fingers and six servants marched in, their faces as impassive as those under the imperius curse. "take this rubbish away" she said calmly. The Maid eeeped at the Lady's use of that sentence. Lady Maham only ever spoke palindromes  and when she didn't, it was a very bad sign. the last time it happened was when her easter egg got swapped with a giant ostrich egg. the maid still had scars from that day. 
   Ever since Lady maham had heard that a meercat named Timon had inherited the mythical treasure map to the lost city of Atlantis, she had lessened her use of palindromes drastically. Where ever this Timon was, The Maid hoped that he was running away as fast as he could.

   Far away, a grown up Timon sipped on tomato soup for his 18th birthday. today he would finally get his inheritance. the file containing the map lay before him, itching to be opened after spending almost two decades in the dark. The young meerkat reached out towards the file when suddenly the door banged open and a tall lady who reminded him of Cruella De Ville stood in the doorway with a glinting dagger in her hand. Timon knew who it was and was prepared. He quickly dumped the entire contents of the pepper shaker into his pocket perfume, creating a makeshift alcoholic pepper spray.

   Timon held his only weapon in front of him, grabbed the file and backed into the other room while Lady Maham carelessly stalked towards him with a jealous gleam in her eyes. In his mind's eye, she had a deranged grin on her face and the blade of her dagger dripped crimson. He span around and made to run for it but tripped over an inconveniently placed yoga mat, causing the pepper spray to be flung out of his reach.

  Lady Maham towered over him and was about to snatch the precious file from his grasp when Timon felt a tickle on his nose. Crossing his eyes, he saw one of the many arachnids that infested his home perched on his nose. He also noticed that Lady Maham was paralyzed with fear. before Timon could take advantage of the situation the spider scuttled off...and jumped on to the Lady's outstretched hand.

   She overreacted and started shaking her hand wildly. It was as she was doing this that her hand hit the file and it flew out of Timon's grip and sailed across the room. the manila envelope landed safely  on the windowsill and they both sighed in relief. but  they had relaxed too son, because the wind blew slightly, tilting their obsession. the old map slowly slid out of the open envelope and before it hit the floor, the fragile paper desiccated into a million bits of dust that floated away in the breeze like dandelion seeds.

   And thus the map was lost forever and Timon and Maham lived happily never after, with Maham never heard talking in palindromes again.

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