Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bubble Gum poetry

Here's a poem I remember from forever:

I'm in trouble
Blew a bubble
Peeled it off my nose
Felt a rock
Inside my sock
Got gum between my toes
Blew another
Told my brother
We could blow a pair
Give three cheers
Now our ears
Are sticking to our hair
(copyright Nina Payne)

Me and my sisters used to make these school journals and put the craziest things inside.
We used to decide a title and everyone would have to write a story on it and then we would pass out comments and grade them and then put them in the journals. And all sorts of stories and poems and simply awesome things. And we used to get turns for designing the cover and then Haniaa would sew up the pages so it looked like a real book. I still have all of them :D
Here's another really long poem:

A Madison avenue whizkid
Thought it a disgrace
That no one had exploited
The possibilities in space
Discussed it with a client
Who agreed and very soon
A thousand miles of neon tubing
Were transported to the moon

Now no one can ignore it
The product's selling fine
The night they turned the moon
Into a Coca Cola sign

It's called MAD AD by roger McGough

Read ALL of these :D