Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Missing Riyadh

Ah Eskan, how I miss your tall towers,
Your little bakalas open at all hours
The random saudi boys playing football, 
The multiple azaans heard through the wall
I miss Riyadh and the people in hijabs,
How every road has at least ten cabs,
How I could eat any food wanted to,
And how there was a whole lot less work to do.
I miss my friends and the bright sunlight,
and how people only ever go shopping in the cover of the night
I miss the streets, the sounds the smells,
I even miss the random bangalis as well
I miss how roads were constantly rebuilt,
I miss the dust, the sand, the silt
I miss eating Galaxy and seeing coke everywhere,
I miss how wearing an abaya was not permission to stare
I miss hearing arabic being spoken by all,
I miss not looking up country codes before making a call,

Not that I call anyone or anything but still you know?

Now here I am on an island far far away,
Not the fairy tale I imagined but hey,
At least I have cute little nephews and nieces
But I swear, if they start crying one more time my brain will be in pieces >_<