Friday, December 31, 2010


   Tomorrow is the first day of a new year. More importantly, it is my mom's birthday. She's been the same age for the last five years or so coz every time I ask her age, it's the same. Her age-defying cream must really work. It is also Eiichiro Oda's birthday too. In case you don't know, he's the guy who drew the manga for one of my favorite anime's ever, One Piece *cue theme song*.

   There is something about birthdays of people who write books or draw anime that make you really appreciate how short and fragile life really is. At any moment, they could die. And then...You will never know what happens next in the series. I know that sounds really materialistic and everything but it really bugs me. Imagine how different the end of Lord of the Rings might have been if the author hadn't gone off and died? I mean, I know he wrote down the whole history and everything but there is an image in the mind of an author that only he can write down perfectly. The current books are more like a description of something that the nephew of J.R.R Tolkein has never actually seen.

  A million times worse than that is the loose end of Charlie and the White House. I want to know what happens and yet, Roald Dahl is dead and nobody will ever be born that can take what he wrote and continue it. It sucks.

  Imagine you are on the most epic, most thrillery, most cliff-hanging episode of Vampire Dairies/Grey's anatomy/random-TV-series-that-you-watch-like-an-addict.and the episode is over and you are on the edge of your seat, wishing like crazy for Friday to come along with the next episode. and then two minutes later you find out that the series will never be continued coz the guys who were making up the plot suddenly died and left you hanging there.

  I told this depressing thought to my parents and they came up with the solution: Just ask God when you go to heaven. This seems like a really great idea until you realize that heaven is going to be so awesome, you won't care about silly things like pirates or vampires or whatever. It makes you wish there was a place where you could make a list of all the things you want to ask for in Heaven so that when you get there, you can be reminded of what your pre-heaven self wanted. And then maybe your Heaven self will be like "OK, since this person worked so hard to get me here, I might as well humor her". That would be cool. Maybe the first thing on the top of the list could be "I want curiosity about what happens next in One Piece' or something. And then your Heaven self would care!

  Anywho, my mom wants me to go to sleep. Little does she know that I'm going to stay awake till twelve and light a mini sparkler in the kitchen. But I suppose it's a good thing because otherwise, I'd never stop rambling on here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BS. No, not what you're thinking. I mean Business Studies...Or maybe it is what you're thinking

Sometimes, you can ignore what's going on in the world. People can piss me off and I will just assume my no-expression face and not say anything till I'm sure my next words won't be a string of curses. But then there are things that you can't just tune out. Somethings just push through the gaps of the hands you've buried your face in and slap you repetitively on the same place. And then just when you've stopped wincing and crack open your eyes, it slaps you again. Sometimes, you're the one doing it to yourself. Because you have to.

Because sometimes, you have a business assessments tomorrow.

Of course, this isn't a very regular occurrence. And that just makes it worse coz teachers think 'This may be the only test they'll take seriously for a long time! Quick, name as many chapters as you can in 2 minutes!'. This is actually a lot more than you would think. Especially when they can just go "68 to 73!' and not "sixty-eiiight, sixty-niiiinnneee, seveeenttyyyyy, seventy oonnnnneeee and seventy twooooooo!'.

So here I am studying 16 chapters of business in which 50% of the words are synonyms of objectives, 40% is something like 'strategy', 'aims' or 'tactics' which are all extremely different things, and rest is just a truckload of adjectives describing how awesome the iPhone is. And for no other apparent reason than to make me hungry, they have a random picture of KitKat Senses. And also, just like in "Where's Wally", the writers of this book have a profound sense of happiness in trying to hide the word 'corporate objective' in every chapter and it is our job to find it out and highlight it. Coz obviously anything with as big a word as 'corporate' must be important.

Also, Human Resources does not deserve so many chapters to it's name. I bet no one actually uses psychometric testing. I bet they all just check if your suit is from Jigsaw or a thrift shop and hire you based on that. Or how much gel you were able to get in your hair without looking like Ken. Or how important your briefcase full of junk food looks. Or whether or not you can curl your tongue and do that alien sign with your hands, coz that is an important feature that every business person must have.

Ok, Em Zee if getting pissy about me studying for my exam coz she is so understanding like that. I hope you have fun with your lives and achieve all your corporate objectives.
Ok, that wasn't the best hiding place.

Friday, November 26, 2010


If you still believe
That the moon is cheese
And never forget
To mention Pluto as a planet

Then you have a friend in me

If you grew up watching 'Hey, Arnold!'
And looking in closets for another world
If you remember what the end of 1999 was like
And the thrill of chasing after cars on your bike

Then you have a friend in me

If you waited each week for a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode to come out
And miss when no one knew what Twilight was about
If you still can't get over Sirius Black dying
And at the end of the sixth book you were crying

Then you have a friend in me

If you are curious about the Bermuda triangle
Or hate wearing any jewelry: necklace, ring or bangle
If the only cosmetic you use is lip balm
And if your favorite writing pad is your palm

Then you have a friend in me

If you smile in silence coz of the funny things you think
And your favorite murder game is Cluedo or Wink
If deep down inside you know that mythical creatures are real
or have ever tried to make a fishing rod with sinker and reel

Then you have a friend in me

If you have read more books than you care to count
And wonder what the view is like from Everest's mount
If you sometimes pretend to be a professional ice skater
Or procrastinate all your work to a never arriving 'later'

Then you have a friend in me

If you have always wanted to cut a Barbie's hair
Or have tried to imagine what life would be like without you there
If you spend hours more than usual solving a Rubik's game
And want to bottle the smell that follows rain

Then you have a friend in me

If you know all the Disney songs completely by heart
And have never visited the famous Walmart
If you always wished you could learn the use of an arrow and bow
And your favorite Tellitubby was Edgar Allen Po

Then you have a friend in me

If sometimes you wonder if everyone can see the same way
Or if you're hearing something other than what others say
If you have always wanted to be a warrior for your land
Then you know you'll always have a place to stand

Coz you have a friend in me

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Ministry of Interior

So, because I live in Eskan, I pass the Ministry of Interior quite a lot. and because we don't talk much in the car, I have loads of time to envision what though processes were going on in the minds of the crazy architects who made the building.
However, I have spent the last couple of days throwing all my english-ness into a letter to a certain someone and now I am all out of words. So here is a picture thing I made :) About...
I think theory 3 is the most likely, but I didn't want to get in trouble with the officials so I drew less for it. Also I was kinda sleepy :P
Did you notice that I drew New Zealand and Australia on the world? Ha win.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hajra be hjappy.

I have some news that is very bad
My friend, Hajra Nadeem, is feeling sad.
You may think that this happening is a norm
But it is as rare as for Riyadh, a snow storm
So here is a poem to cheer her up
Since I am unable to give her a comforting hot cocoa cup
Lets start with the things that she really likes
And avoid depressing things like multi-vitamin tablets and spikes
Firstly she loves things that are of an orange shade
And from the fridge, cheese is what she loves to raid
She likes thistle nuts that do not taste bitter
And revealing her friend's deep, dark secrets all over twitter
Ok that last line wasn't completely true
But if she did know any secrets, that is what she would do.
She likes Mrs. Rubina Aizaz, the teacher of math
Anyone who insults this lady will face Hajra's wrath
She keeps the world safe from pollution and such
And she cares about elephants very, VERY much
About awesomeness she has an awesome view
Even though she sometimes gets stuck in the school loo
Reality to her is on the same level as delusion
I say this as I finish writing my ICT conclusion
She thinks that Damon Salvatore is really hot
But on the topic of Vampire Diaries I shall stray not
She is a part of the ninja association
And likes delivering strepsils to me like rations
She falls in love with SAT vocab lists
The time 10:10:10 10/10/10 is what I again just missed.
Ok now I'm a bit depressed
But next year I wont miss 11:11:11 11/11/11, my sister says
Anywho, If aliens were ever to land on earth
This tall human would be filled with mirth
And she would teach them the correct way to write and speak English
Even if they are considering eating her on a dish
Did I say that she likes elephants?
And she'd like some nephew or niece infants
she likes reading books
About villains and crooks
But in the end they should be defeated
Her love for elephants should be repeated
My leg bone is feeling rather brittle
She will be the inventor of the blue skittle
Her allies are many and are scattered over the lands
About her future career she has many plans
I asked my sister what I should write next
And this is what she said in the current context:
I hope, Hajra, that this cheered you up
And makes you feel very...gulp.

I hope you feel gulp now, oh HNIK of awesomeness :D

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dedicated to HNIK

"Now it's time to bring it around town. BRING IT AROUND TOOOWWNNN!" -SpongeBob SquarePants.

*adopt French accent*
Ahhh...Riyadh. The fan is whirling, the ants are scurrying and all is peaceful as Rabeah blissfully enjoys her vacations.
*licks ice cream*
I want to write a poem but all I can think of is 'Arratikano yume wo kaki atsume!'

Once upon a long ago, much longer than it may seem
There was a very tall girl whose name was Hajra Nadeem
She was not like you and I, let that much be clear
But she was different in a good way, so there is nothing to fear
She would delight in skipping around and popping bubble wrap
And watching cartoons of pirates finding treasure without a map
Sometimes she would let out that she was, in fact, a ninja
But she was of such abysmal grace that it would make you cringe-a (I still can't find any other rhyme for it)
She went on many adventures great, and made a lot of friends
And when she would rest she would use the computer lab for her own ends
She had such a command over the English language that it made her a sesquipedalian
But she still enjoyed reading stories for kids about Puff the dragon and aliens

Ok I'm all out of ideas :S.......... How about:

Today this crazy young ninja/gangster/pirate/lass graduated for PISES
And before she goes into any other educational establishment I hope she thinks twices.

Yeah OK :D
Be happy HNIK!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bubble Gum poetry

Here's a poem I remember from forever:

I'm in trouble
Blew a bubble
Peeled it off my nose
Felt a rock
Inside my sock
Got gum between my toes
Blew another
Told my brother
We could blow a pair
Give three cheers
Now our ears
Are sticking to our hair
(copyright Nina Payne)

Me and my sisters used to make these school journals and put the craziest things inside.
We used to decide a title and everyone would have to write a story on it and then we would pass out comments and grade them and then put them in the journals. And all sorts of stories and poems and simply awesome things. And we used to get turns for designing the cover and then Haniaa would sew up the pages so it looked like a real book. I still have all of them :D
Here's another really long poem:

A Madison avenue whizkid
Thought it a disgrace
That no one had exploited
The possibilities in space
Discussed it with a client
Who agreed and very soon
A thousand miles of neon tubing
Were transported to the moon

Now no one can ignore it
The product's selling fine
The night they turned the moon
Into a Coca Cola sign

It's called MAD AD by roger McGough

Read ALL of these :D

Thursday, February 25, 2010

When you have to give Unit 2 in on Saturday

If I was a pirate sailing out on distant seas
Just like the straw hat crew shown in One Piece
I'm sure I wouldn't have any ICT projects to make
Instead I would be guzzling down several bottles of sake
Or fighting with my devil-fruit ability of fire
Or docking my ship at an unknown pier (yea I know that doesn't rhyme but it does the way I pronounce it)
To find out what mysteries the new island hides
And make it back before the change of tides
Maybe I would be fighting some over-zealous geek
Making small work of him with my three sword technique
Or I could be collecting more people for my crew
I just need a musician and then I am through
Maybe I'm digging for a mythical treasure
Or helping a reindeer find the ultimate cure (that doesn't rhyme either :S But who cares?)
Or making a map of the entire earth
Or having a party filled with meat and mirth
Perhaps I'm battling with crazy marine men
and winning even though they outnumber us 1 to 10 (that should be 10 to 1 but hey!)
I could even be challenging the greatest of pirates
Or increasing my strength along with my ship-mates
Maybe I'm trying to get back my shadow
Or stopping to restock because supplies are low
But who knows and who cares what I would be doing if I was that way?
I still have to give Unit 2 to Ms.H on Saturday :(

Yes, I do have a sad existence.
But that is OK because I can change the font to orange if I want to :D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

When you have Accounting the next day

Today I was trying to be deep and philosophical to see what it felt like but all I could come up with was "Why don't we get mint Aeros in KSA?". The depth of my brain is only as deep as the chocolate rivers in 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' which is quite deep but is made up of brown, gooey chocolate.
Which reminds me that when I was a kid and had finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the first time (it took me FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!) I imagined that Willy Wonka was real. He lived far away in a different world which was like our own except for a few things. I thought that all writers were somehow magically in touch with their own parallel universes and wrote about them and other people would call them fictional stories (Fictional was such a big word then:P) when they were actually real. And that I could visit them in my dreams. I used to keep 60c on my bedside just in case I went to Willy Wonka's world so I could buy a Wonka's Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. I was never lucky.
But really, we need mint Aeros in Saudi Arabia.
Which somehow reminds me that I have an accounting exam tomorrow which I haven't actually studied for. Even though I had the whole weekend to do so. I'm gonna fail aren't I? And here I am writing this:S
Ah well...Time well spent in my opinion:D