Thursday, February 25, 2010

When you have to give Unit 2 in on Saturday

If I was a pirate sailing out on distant seas
Just like the straw hat crew shown in One Piece
I'm sure I wouldn't have any ICT projects to make
Instead I would be guzzling down several bottles of sake
Or fighting with my devil-fruit ability of fire
Or docking my ship at an unknown pier (yea I know that doesn't rhyme but it does the way I pronounce it)
To find out what mysteries the new island hides
And make it back before the change of tides
Maybe I would be fighting some over-zealous geek
Making small work of him with my three sword technique
Or I could be collecting more people for my crew
I just need a musician and then I am through
Maybe I'm digging for a mythical treasure
Or helping a reindeer find the ultimate cure (that doesn't rhyme either :S But who cares?)
Or making a map of the entire earth
Or having a party filled with meat and mirth
Perhaps I'm battling with crazy marine men
and winning even though they outnumber us 1 to 10 (that should be 10 to 1 but hey!)
I could even be challenging the greatest of pirates
Or increasing my strength along with my ship-mates
Maybe I'm trying to get back my shadow
Or stopping to restock because supplies are low
But who knows and who cares what I would be doing if I was that way?
I still have to give Unit 2 to Ms.H on Saturday :(

Yes, I do have a sad existence.
But that is OK because I can change the font to orange if I want to :D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

When you have Accounting the next day

Today I was trying to be deep and philosophical to see what it felt like but all I could come up with was "Why don't we get mint Aeros in KSA?". The depth of my brain is only as deep as the chocolate rivers in 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' which is quite deep but is made up of brown, gooey chocolate.
Which reminds me that when I was a kid and had finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the first time (it took me FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!) I imagined that Willy Wonka was real. He lived far away in a different world which was like our own except for a few things. I thought that all writers were somehow magically in touch with their own parallel universes and wrote about them and other people would call them fictional stories (Fictional was such a big word then:P) when they were actually real. And that I could visit them in my dreams. I used to keep 60c on my bedside just in case I went to Willy Wonka's world so I could buy a Wonka's Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. I was never lucky.
But really, we need mint Aeros in Saudi Arabia.
Which somehow reminds me that I have an accounting exam tomorrow which I haven't actually studied for. Even though I had the whole weekend to do so. I'm gonna fail aren't I? And here I am writing this:S
Ah well...Time well spent in my opinion:D