Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hajra be hjappy.

I have some news that is very bad
My friend, Hajra Nadeem, is feeling sad.
You may think that this happening is a norm
But it is as rare as for Riyadh, a snow storm
So here is a poem to cheer her up
Since I am unable to give her a comforting hot cocoa cup
Lets start with the things that she really likes
And avoid depressing things like multi-vitamin tablets and spikes
Firstly she loves things that are of an orange shade
And from the fridge, cheese is what she loves to raid
She likes thistle nuts that do not taste bitter
And revealing her friend's deep, dark secrets all over twitter
Ok that last line wasn't completely true
But if she did know any secrets, that is what she would do.
She likes Mrs. Rubina Aizaz, the teacher of math
Anyone who insults this lady will face Hajra's wrath
She keeps the world safe from pollution and such
And she cares about elephants very, VERY much
About awesomeness she has an awesome view
Even though she sometimes gets stuck in the school loo
Reality to her is on the same level as delusion
I say this as I finish writing my ICT conclusion
She thinks that Damon Salvatore is really hot
But on the topic of Vampire Diaries I shall stray not
She is a part of the ninja association
And likes delivering strepsils to me like rations
She falls in love with SAT vocab lists
The time 10:10:10 10/10/10 is what I again just missed.
Ok now I'm a bit depressed
But next year I wont miss 11:11:11 11/11/11, my sister says
Anywho, If aliens were ever to land on earth
This tall human would be filled with mirth
And she would teach them the correct way to write and speak English
Even if they are considering eating her on a dish
Did I say that she likes elephants?
And she'd like some nephew or niece infants
she likes reading books
About villains and crooks
But in the end they should be defeated
Her love for elephants should be repeated
My leg bone is feeling rather brittle
She will be the inventor of the blue skittle
Her allies are many and are scattered over the lands
About her future career she has many plans
I asked my sister what I should write next
And this is what she said in the current context:
I hope, Hajra, that this cheered you up
And makes you feel very...gulp.

I hope you feel gulp now, oh HNIK of awesomeness :D