Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Here I am, up to my neck in ICT
Staring at the screen until my eyes bleed,
Spending hours at a time to finish it quicker
But all I do is be on facebook, tumblr and twitter.
You'd think by now I'd have learned,
And I would shut all my stuff when ICT was concerned
But unfortunately I lack self control of any kind
And I am completely unable to focus my mind
See look at me now, with my functional specification open
But I have no doubt that I will suck at coping
Oh look mom's here, and so that I don't look bad
I'll make a serious look face and change the tab
My resolution to study is so utterly sucky
That it'll take me a week to finish this, if I'm lucky
Even now I'm blogging instead of doing my work
And tomorrow at school, Sir Nadeem will make me look like a jerk
So I guess I'll go now, before I'm mince meat
(You have full permission to bust me if you see me tweet)