Thursday, February 25, 2010

When you have to give Unit 2 in on Saturday

If I was a pirate sailing out on distant seas
Just like the straw hat crew shown in One Piece
I'm sure I wouldn't have any ICT projects to make
Instead I would be guzzling down several bottles of sake
Or fighting with my devil-fruit ability of fire
Or docking my ship at an unknown pier (yea I know that doesn't rhyme but it does the way I pronounce it)
To find out what mysteries the new island hides
And make it back before the change of tides
Maybe I would be fighting some over-zealous geek
Making small work of him with my three sword technique
Or I could be collecting more people for my crew
I just need a musician and then I am through
Maybe I'm digging for a mythical treasure
Or helping a reindeer find the ultimate cure (that doesn't rhyme either :S But who cares?)
Or making a map of the entire earth
Or having a party filled with meat and mirth
Perhaps I'm battling with crazy marine men
and winning even though they outnumber us 1 to 10 (that should be 10 to 1 but hey!)
I could even be challenging the greatest of pirates
Or increasing my strength along with my ship-mates
Maybe I'm trying to get back my shadow
Or stopping to restock because supplies are low
But who knows and who cares what I would be doing if I was that way?
I still have to give Unit 2 to Ms.H on Saturday :(

Yes, I do have a sad existence.
But that is OK because I can change the font to orange if I want to :D

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