Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A School Song (ASS), Big Ugly Thing ThatRhymes (BUTT); Funny, Racist, Illegal, ExhaustingToRead, NotWorthyOfYourTime, Dinosaur, SanityQuestioned (FRIENDS)

Yeah so me and Abrizzle collaborated on a poem. You can tell which parts are mine coz they are awesomer. But just in case your awesomess detector isn't working, Abrizzle's lines are in bold and mine are in italics.

 Let’s see when life plans for us to meet again
What will have changed between now and then?
We may spread across the world one in NZ, one Saudi Arabia and one in USA
But may you all remember me, every step of the way
And keep in touch,
With each of us,
 Using twitter, Skype and FB,
And promise to add to our class's thread even if we are feeling lazy
But one thing I know for sure
Is that there is nothing I will miss more 
Than seeing their pretty faces everyday
And being called "girly"...whining about homework, lectures of teachers and Pictionary that we used to play
I'll miss the noise,
Fati talking about boys,
 And all of Sam's crazy chats,
Em Zee going on about Maths
Abrizzle talking about how she isn’t pink and girly,
And to everything I do, just saying ‘maskhari!’
 I'll miss taking walks in the green ground;
 the place to go to 'take a round'
And Rabeah's random, crazy hyperness
 Which lifts you up no matter how much you are depressed
And the happy dances in the basket ball court that made u ROFL!
 And the parties with all the lack of bling bling!
At the farewell on the catwalk Em Zee's shy twirl;
Sam's classes to Rabeah on how to be a girl! <3
And classes and all the times we wanted to ditch
But there were no places to hide
And the times, in ICT, when we tried to switch
So that someone else with an Abaya would be bored inside
I’ll miss those moments of craziness with you guys,
The BGLs and that birthday surprise
I’ll never forget the practical jokes we played
And the deadness that we felt at the start of each day
And all the times that we played cards,
And how we treated each other’s subjects with complete disregard
Sure, now bidding goodbye is hard and sad;
But we part with memories, good and some bad
 Slight tears in eyes;
Sad sighs;
As a little inside each one of us dies;
Tight hugs with goodbyes;
 That's where all the love lies;
But as we part now;
We hold an unsaid, unbreakable vow;
 To keep in touch and never allow;
Anyone to forget us, so for now...
CHAO! ;)

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  1. hahahaha Rabeah! u added all the titles! :P